100MA3 19L


Motorcycling Australia Approved.

99.8RON.  3.7% Oxygenated.

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ETS Racing Fuel 100MA-3 is a Motorcycling Australia homologated unleaded fuel specially formulated to the most competitive fuel in Motocross and Supercross Racing.

Used by Matt Moss, and the Factory Suzuki MX team to the 2014 Australian Supercross Title; as well as many other top Australian MX teams including the factory teams of KTM and Yamaha.

This fuel complies with the Australian fuel quality standards act 2000 so can also be used in vehicles used on public roads.

100MA3 has the maximum octane allowed under the Motorcycling Australia guidelines so it offers maximum protection from detonation – even in the in harshest racing conditions!  Competitors that use this fuel rave about the throttle response, clean burning, and power gains shown on the dyno over P98 and other competitors fuels.  More importantly, ETS has a fanatical approach to achieving an unsurpassed consistency from batch to batch so you know what you are getting and you know the tune wont change.

100Ma3 is oxygenated so it makes sense for the tune to be optimised to the fuel.  In most cases the fuel volume will need to be increased by around 3 – 5%.

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