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The 2016 Australian Rally Championship…


It was an exciting and somewhat confusing end to the 2016 Australian Rally Championship season, with the final results not being decided until after the final round in Coffs Harbour, at the shared World Rally Championship round.  Confusion reigned after a three day fight for the championship that had punctures changing the leaderboard, and ultimately a timing error and resulting penalty deciding the outcome between Simon Evans in the ETS Subaru, Harry Bates in the Toyota and the ever consistent Molly Taylor in her Subaru.

Congratulations to Molly for the Australian Championship win!  That needs to be extended to Simon in second place and Harry taking third, as well as all of the other competitors running ETS fuels for a hard fought championship.


Here is some footage from the South Australian round of the championship showing Simon in the ETS supported Subaru at work…





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Simon says…

ETS Extra Max fuel has been very successful in the Australian Rally Championship in recent years.  It is an environment where engines are tested to the limits, so the consistency of the fuel counts just as much as the gains in power and throttle response.

Simon ETS helmet logo

There are no points for guessing what fuel multiple Australian Rally Champion Simon Evans is using!