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New fuels and the 2020 season is approaching!

As most motorsport enthusiasts would be aware,  a leaded fuel ban for all Australian motorsports came into effect on the 1st of July 2019.  It mainly affected the drag racing competitors, especially those using the benchmark leaded P14 fuel that showed fantastic power gains before the ban came into effect.  The ban obviously did not effect our other drag fuel – XPRO DRAG 2 due to it already being unleaded (and even approved for use in freshwater lakes and waterways if you want to go fast on every surface!), but the ETS chemists were already at work formulating lead replacement fuels with the highest performance possible…

We now have some exciting news that a new container load of fuels has arrived and it is loaded with the new leaded replacement fuels in plenty of time before next years season!  What a Christmas present!

There are two new Andra approved drag fuels – XPRO DRAG 3 that has a higher oxygen content and a development of XPRO DRAG 2 (which will still be sold as it suits other engine configurations), and the new XPD105.  The results from testing are showing to be a further improvement on the leaded fuels that were the leading the way!

Also to be release soon is the new Z85 PERFO which is an E85-like fuel that offers a very high consistency of oxygen content. Its unique formulation offers a much faster combustion speed, significantly higher energy and long-term protection compared to E85 pump station fuels.  The gains from testing so far are unbelievable until you try it!

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Jess Turner Motorsport Powdered by ETS P14 – ANDRA homologated Drag Racing Fuel

Jess Turner Motorsport Powdered by ETS P14 – one of our premium ANDRA homologated Drag Racing Fuels.

The new livery looks as great!  You can follow her progress here –

Since switching to ETS P14, she reports that not only has there been an increase in power but made the the car more consistent and reliable!

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Available Now – The new P14 Drag Racing Fuel!

ETS Racing Fuels NEW Drag Racing Fuel has been formulated to win and after exhaustive testing, the 115 RON leaded drag racing fuel – P14 is now available in Australia!

Tested here on a Big Block 632 Chev, with a compression ratio of 16.5:1, this fuel showed good gains against a market leading competitors fuel.

With Higher Combustion Speed & Higher Energy, this fuel is already showing improved consistency and speed on the drag strip.

We have plenty of this exciting new fuel in stock and we can send it by courier to your location in Brisbane and the regional area!