Why ETS Fuel?

ETS is a technology company specialising in premium racing fuels and lubricants.  Based in Normandy, 130 Km Northwest of Paris (France), their fuels are now available in Australia!

ETS Race Fuel

ETS Racing Fuels was created in 1989 as a subsidiary of the Esso Research Centre for the Exxon group.  The division was setup to analyse fuels and lubricants for use in competitive motorsport environments.  Their expertise was soon recognized when they were selected as the official fuel supplier for the Peugeot 905 program for the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans endurance race.

In 1997 ETS became an independent company which made it possible to share its intimate knowledge of fuel and lubricant technology with the wider racing community.

In order to achieve exceptional results, ETS Racing Fuels use advanced proprietary methods to manufacturer these high quality, high technology racing fuels.  This is more expensive than simply bending in common additives to a base fuel increase octane for a perceived performance gain.

The ETS Racing Fuels blending factory is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.  Methods of blending and production, supply and delivery are subject to regular audits from external agencies.  Each Production batch is then analysed by an independent laboratory to certify the fuel quality and specification compliance.

The ETS “small batches manufacturing policy” avoids any long term storage which ensures a “fresh” and contaminant free product.

With a passion for Motorsport and a focus on customer satisfaction, the ETS team develops products to meet the customer demand for specific motorsport disciplines.

More than 15 World Championship Titles in a range of disciplines have been won on ETS Racing Fuels – the results speak for themselves!

Which Fuel is right for you?  With over twenty specialty fuels including FIA, CAMS and M.A. regulated fuels, ETS will have a fuel optimised for your engine!

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